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A to B Consultancy is strong in ‘man-management’ and ‘operations support’. At A to B Consultancy we are clear in our approach in order to ensure that our customers know what to expect.

There can be various reasons for interim management:

  • Vacancy
  • Short or mid term capacity requirement
  • Reorganisation

Interim management can provide a solution to short-term problems, including filling vacancies with immediate effect, or addressing shortages in management capacity due to unforeseen circumstances.

Placing an interim manager in your company, who has significant experience in interim management, will enable permanent managers to oversee the day-to-day activities of the company whilst specific tasks are performed in parallel. A to B Consultancy possesses this competency.

Interim management can also be advantageous during changes in the company, such as reorganisations, as it provides an environment for more objective and effective changes to take place. Ensuring that change is managed expertly can also be motivating for your employees.
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